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Elvira Marrique de Lara, interiores diseño y decoración

Elvira Manrique de Lara y Benitez de Lugo was born in Gran Canaria, Spain in 1962. At a young age she took a keen interest in Antiques, Old and Contemporary paintings. She attended high school at St Teresás Convent Surrey (United Kingdom) from 1975 to 1978, and then went to Institute Bleu Lêman (Montreaux, Switzerland, 1979-1980), for further education.

She obtained her Degree on Arts Applied to Restoration of Art, specialized on paintings in Madrid, 1985.

She obtained the Title of Interior Designer, from the Designer´s School of Madrid (1985).

She has also graduated in Applied and Graphics Arts, specialized in Interiors, by the Ministry of Education, Culture & Sports (Madrid, 2004).

She is a regular attendee to International Arts, Auctions & Fairs, which keeps her in touch with very prestigious artists, interior & landscape designers .

She works in prestigious Restoring studios of Madrid, Palma de Mallorca & the Canary Islands for several collections- such as… Falanis, Rubenian Center.

She has worked with Dr. Matias Díaz Padrón, the Chief Curator of Prado´s Museum, specialized in Flemish paintings.

She founded "Interiores Diseño y Decoración,Inc." in 1993, devoted to project, advise and supervise interior works and painting restoration.

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